Established in the Canal Area in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This canal building has an appropriate ‘wine’ history attached to it. It was built in 1618 for a wine merchant; Wolfert Webber ll. The legend goes that Webber was an illegitimate son of William of Orange, the founder of the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

The founders of The Real Wine Gum are big wine fans. They came together through working in the financial world. Professional business women with a drive to succeed, each with her own talent in the field of marketing, conceptual design and finance.

Supported by online team behind Louis’ Luxury Deli’s, the Real Wine Gums are slowly getting known around the globe. They can be found in some of the best Michelin Star Restaurants, Hotels, Airline Duty Free and Boutiques in New York, Paris, Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore & Dubai among others. With a strong focus to the Direct Online Sales channel, The Real Wine Gum is great to enjoy yourself and the perfect gift for wine lovers.

The wine gums are made with the best wines. Only the alcohol is lost in the production process and thet are halal certified, which allows the Muslim community to taste wine as well (and if you child sneaks one, don’t worry!).